Angry Nights

A powerful debut novel about our postmodern zeitgeist where the system interfaces flesh and concrete.

Angry Nights is about a world where betrayal can become a part of the structure of everyday experience. One character hands the keys to her dead boyfriend’s car to a stranger in a dark movie theater. Another shoots rats in the dark to prepare for “Zen murder” in the urban jungle. At a time when the plight of urban America increasingly makes for grim headlines and when some have even cast the very future of our cities in doubt, Angry Nights provides a gripping account of life in the American inner city. In prose that is terse and bristling with tension, Angry Nights reveals a highly charged world that many of us fear, or worse, prefer to deny. Like novels such as A Clockwork Orange and Last Exit to Brooklyn, Angry Nights points to a reality we can only ignore at our peril.

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“Larry Fondation hears original worlds at launderettes and the rave of demons at the park fountain. The nights are angry and so are the shadows that haunt the memories of broken promises in this exceptional novel. The interior stories uncover bullet holes, bitten nails, open sores, and other common miseries with the ironic manner of a barefoot game show host. The characters are wise, and some of them are measured with a brush of violence in curt conversations. “Angry Nights” could cure the cruelties of silence.” Gerald Vizenour, author of “Grievr–An American Monkey in China” and “The Heirs of Columbus”

“Angry Nights…shimmers with a real heat.”
—Los Angeles Times Book Review

“…Just when it seems L.A. might be dead in the literary world, writers like Fondation shed new light on this unreal metropolis.”
—Review of Contemporary Fiction

“Suresighted, angry and absolutely unapologetic, Angry Nights is a creatively constructed portrait of an unforgiving world.”
—Los Angeles Reader