Common Criminals

Common Criminals is the second in a series of  Larry Fondation’s books focusing on the disenfranchised, the hapless, the folks who don’t quite make it, but who struggle just the same. The book consists of twenty-five short short stories with titles like, “Deportation at Breakfast,” or “Trying to Get AIDS.” Some stories funny, others brutal, all leave the reader with something to chew on.


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“Seething with the energy of streets, bars and bedrooms, Los Angeles author Larry Fondation’s second book reads like collaboration among Elmore Leonard, Dennis Cooper and Eminem. [The] author may well be the best unknown writer in America.”
—Detroit Metro Times

“[Fondation’s] stark, hyperviolent, spookily erotic stories are absolutely addictive. Common Criminals  is a brilliant and claustrophobic rendering of life as it is lived in the cities of America today”
Barry Graham

“The inhabitants of Fondation’s Common Criminals are repelling and compelling, repulsive and attractive as they navigate life, compelled by the competing imperatives of their good intention and petty larcenous souls. A Dickens for the new millennium.This writer pulls no punches-he sees into the hearts and souls of LA and its inhabitants”         -Sally Shore

Common Criminals  will grab you where you live, and not let you up for breath”       -Gary Phillips

“…a dark account of LA alienation in a controlled style that sheds harsh, electrifying light on the darkness”                                                                                                                    -Ronald Sukenick