Unintended Consequences

ucUnintended Consequences is the 4th installment in Fondation’s “L.A. Stories” series. This new collection reveals with precision the way life can tangle good intentions and trip up even the most sure-footed pedestrians. These are compact city fables delivering an anti-moral, a humbling reminder to judge not. The book includes over 40 illustration  by artist Kate Ruth.


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“[A] journalistic sensibility pervades not only the stories’ plots but also their prose…this kind of writing results in a spare, oddly affecting beauty…”
—American Book Review

“Fondation’s fiction is so far past noir that it’s almost surreal. What’s horrifying is that it’s not surreal; it’s real. Fondation is the author of three books of fiction…and each of these books is a small masterpiece…”
—Transfuge (France)

“In terms of craft, the sixty-five short-short stories in Unintended Consequences are superb examples of narrative compression, of finding decisive moments in fiction to develop characters in the least amount of space. Populated with gun-wielding bar mates, murderers, prostitutes, thugs, and homeless, these stories constitute an unflagging gaze at LA poverty and seediness. A street-wise tone, coupled with pleasantly jarring, borderline-surreal plot twists give Fondation’s narratives a pulpy feel, while his plain style makes him imminently readable.”
—Front Porch Journal

Fondation has, “…gathered together scrap material about the lives of the down-and-out, the despondent, the criminal and the poor, and has rendered their miserable quotidian lives so that Everyman might receive some belated attention. The result is that the sad and commonplace tale of a Greek chorus takes precedence over the tragedy of an Antigone or Oedipus.”
—Rain Taxi

Unintended Consequences stands as an unexpectedly delicious read. Larry Fondation speaks the language of those fallen from grace, fallen from societal norm, and those fallen from reading the mass marketed novels widely flung out to literary junkies by corporate America.”                                                                                                                                       —Tony Rodriguez, East Bay Literary Examiner

“…by blending spare first-person monologues with brief distant third-person sketches, by including humor, sadness, hope, and most of all anger, Fondation has made Unintended Consequences an oil- and blood-soaked fabric of urban life…”                                        —Sean Bernard, Small Press Reviews


About the Artist

Kate Ruth is an artist who works with many media and in many fields. As a fine artist, Kate both paints and draws. She creates elegant line drawings, often with splashes of color, and her subject matter is as intriguing as her style. Strippers, good-time girls, and denizens of the streets of New York feature prominently in a number of her best-known works. Kate’s crisp style and clean lines give all her subjects dignity and beauty. Since 2001, she has published four books of her drawings.

In addition to this work, Kate is a notable stylist and illustrator, with a wide variety of clients, projects and publications. She graduated with Honors in English Literature and Philosophy from Victoria University in 2001.

For more information visit www.KateRuth.com.