Martyrs-and-Holymen-Larry-Fondation1smlMartyrs and Holymen

With Martyrs and Holymen, Larry Fondation continues to record gritty stories of city life. In his fifth book of “L.A. Stories” he has expanded the scope to include the experiences of Angeleno soldiers on duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and also returning home. When Fallujah is transplanted to Southern California, “survival” can take many meanings, all of them translating into four letter words. Fondation details the scars left by that which does not kill us, and tests the notion that we really are left stronger by the experience.


Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences is the 4th installment in Fondation’s “L.A. Stories” series. This new collection reveals with precision the way life can tangle good intentions and trip up even the most sure-footed pedestrians. These are compact city fables delivering an anti-moral, a humbling reminder to judge not. The book includes over 40 illustration by artist Kate Ruth


Fish, Soap and Bonds

Fish, Soap and Bonds follows the movements of three homeless persons on the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles. Through their eyes we experience both the depths and heights of humanity: hate and discrimination, sacrifice and redemption. This is the third in Fondation’s series of “LA Stories.”


Common Criminals

Common Criminals is the second in a series of  Larry Fondation’s books focusing on the disenfranchised, the hapless, the folks who don’t quite make it, but who struggle just the same. The book consists of twenty-five short short stories with titles like, “Deportation at Breakfast,” or “Trying to Get AIDS.” Some stories funny, others brutal, all leave the reader with something to chew on.


Angry Nights

Angry Nights is about a world where betrayal can become a part of the structure of everyday experience…At a time when the plight of urban America increasingly makes for grim headlines and when some have even cast the very future of our cities in doubt, Angry Nights provides a gripping account of life in the American inner city. In prose that is terse and bristling with tension, Angry Nights reveals a highly charged world that many of us fear, or worse, prefer to deny…

Collaborative Works:

Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail: Stories of Crime, Love and Rebellion Edited by Gary Phillips & Andrea Gibbons

An incendiary mixture of genres and voices, this collection of short stories compiles a unique set of work that revolves around riots, revolts, and revolution. From the turbulent days of unionism in the streets of New York City during the Great Depression to a group of old women who meet at their local café to plan a radical act that will change the world forever, these original and once out-of-print stories capture the various ways people rise up to challenge the status quo and change up the relationships of power. Ideal for any fan of noir, science fiction, and revolution and mayhem.