“I think Los Angeles reveals itself most at the margins. On the street corners, in bars and nightclubs. In the sounds of the traffic, police sirens and helicopters, in the words and music of local bands…”
—-Larry Fondation



Praise for Larry Fondation:

“Larry Fondation hears original worlds at launderettes and the rave of demons at the park fountain. The nights are angry and so are the shadows that haunt the memories of broken promises in this exceptional novel. The interior stories uncover bullet holes, bitten nails, open sores, and other common miseries with the ironic manner of a barefoot game show host. The characters are wise, and some of them are measured with a brush of violence in curt conversations.  “Angry Nights” could cure the cruelties of silence”                                                                                                                                                     — Gerald Vizenour, author of “Grievr–An American Monkey in China” and “The Heirs of Columbus”

“Fondation’s book is a grand success. Poverty is part of our landscape, our literature, and Larry Fondation is its standard bearer.”
—The American Book Review

“Fondation [writes] in a concrete, tangible manner that is carefully structured and lyrical throughout.”
—Midwest Book Review

“… a novel that is sharp, economical, humane and capacious.”
—Canadian Stories

“Fondation’s fiction is so far past noir that it’s almost surreal. What’s horrifying is that it’s not surreal; it’s real. Fondation is the author of three books of fiction… and each of these books is a small masterpiece.”

“A journalistic sensibility pervades not only the stories’ plots but also their prose… this kind of writing results in a spare, oddly affecting beauty.”
-American Book Review

Fondation has, “…gathered together scrap material about the lives of the down-and-out, the despondent, the criminal and the poor, and had rendered their miserable quotidian lives so that Everyman might receive some belated attention. The result is that the sad and commonplace tale of a Greek chorus takes precedence over the tragedy of an Antigone or Oedipus.”
Rain Taxi